Sports Management

Sports Management


Fitness programs for women

Free program to help women understand when and why they have to train by adapting their training schedules to their menstrual cycle.

Program to solve the problem of angle Q with knee pains. Program to develop and improve core muscle strength according to its main function.

The catalog will increase.

Support with Sport

Support project through sport in communities.

The coaches will do sessions where they will teach how to enjoy healthy activities and show the value of sport.


Training and exercise programs focused on solving and improving blood pressure problems. Research of current scientific evidence to develop the most valid and rigorous program possible in terms of offering real and reliable solutions to the client.

Feed the Performance

Scientific research of all health-related parameters through training, lifestyle habits, fitness and body composition for adapted program developments.

Scientific investigation

Scientific research to develop the most effective training program possible at the health level.

Youth performance in sport

Training plans and sports services for each sport based on the specific needs of those sports. Sports education services.