Fitsoccer is a fitness solution for soccer players aiming for improvements and how to perform better.

We offer a complete physical approach to help the players to achieve their maximum potential in terms of athleticism for soccer.

  • Evaluation
  • Analysis
  • Individual plan development
  • Execution


Our goal is not only to help our players to be stronger, faster, to improve their endurance… We analyze their movement to correct and perfection them in order to avoid injuries (in the short, medium and long term) and reach a higher level of efficiency in order to allow them to set a solid base to grow from.


And what do we mean with this? That’s a good question…


For example, a very common issue for soccer players is the hamstrings tightness, even at the professional level (study), this issue clearly reduces the hip mobility and the right performance of the body for the alteration that it causes for the alignment hip-knee-ankle, also affecting the upper body (specially the spine area).

If in the evaluation phase our coaches detect this problem in the player, his program will be specifically thought and developed to fix this issue allowing the player to reach his full potential in terms of mobility before approaching other aspects of his athleticism.

We do not believe in standardized processes that ignore the individual needs and characteristics of each player. Our programs are created from a different approach, totally based on what the player requires to maximize their capabilities and performance.


Beside this, the player will also receive additional workouts to do as a complement of the work to be done during the live sessions and nutritional advice to help him/her to understand nutrition related to sport creating a more solid base for a better development and performance on the field.

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